Power Shake Labels

Power Shake Labels

Continuous Improvement is what we strive for and sometimes we make a mistake along the way.

The new silver Power Shake labels have a change and a discrepancy that is in process to be corrected.


There is a shift in the order of a few ingredients in the formula regarding the ancient grain blend.

We purchase the ancient grains as a blend from the manufacturer. In researching, it looks like the error in ingredient descending order was on the prior label where all the grains were listed in a row instead of the blend being multiplied out by the % of each ingredient to determine descending order in the formula. This was done for the new label and the percentages sorted from highest to lowest.  The result on the new silver label order of ingredients is correct.  

Please note this is a labeling issue only. The formula did not change.


There is a typo that got through the proofing process on the amount of protein. It currently says 3g where it should say 8g.

We are working to correct this issue and get new labels printed and distributed to our shipping warehouse facilities.

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