to be eligible for the F.A.S.T START PROMOTION..

- must have 2 NEW active (Loyal Customer or Brand Partner) enrolled AFTER July 19th

- 1000 GV from all NEW personally enrolled BRAND PARTNERS and their NEW downline by July 31st

- if any orders were placed after July 19th, ONLY 100 BV counts towards the 1000k

What's your F.A.S.T Start Questions?

1. Question: When does the new FAST Start Bonus Program start?

    Answer: Anyone who enrolls as a Brand Partner after July 19, 2019 at 11:59 pm Central, qualifies for the "NEW" FAST Start Bonus Program. Anyone enrolled on or before July 19 is part of the FAST Start Bonus Promotion.

2. Question: When a Customer upgrades to a Brand Partner, does this person count as a "NEW" Brand Partner?

    Answer: Yes! The Brand Partner participates in the new FAST Start Bonus Program and you can count this person's volume towards "NEW" volume in your FAST Start Promotion efforts.

3. Question: I placed a personal order of more than 50 BV early in the month of July (on or before July 19). Do I have to place another order this month to qualify for the FAST Start?

    Answer: No. Your order early in the month meets your Personal Volume requirement. If you do place an order after July 19, only 100 BV can count towards your 1000 points of GV required. 

4. Question: Is the new FAST Start Bonus part of the Compensation Plan or is it a promotion?

    Answer: the FAST Start Bonus is part of the new iEarn Compensation Plan! Look for an updated Compensation Plan brochure on iSharePurium.com and the iLearn platform by August 1, 2019.

5. Question: Can I see how I am doing in my effort to achieve the Promotion Bonuses?

    Answer: Look on the Home Page of your Purium Back Office for a simple report to show you where you stand!

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