3 & Then Free - New Products Added (Updated July 2020)

It pays to be healthy! We're rewarding you for staying consistent with your nutrition. With Purium's 3 & Free Program, you can earn enough Purium Rewards points to purchase your favorite product for FREE*. (Only applies to selected products below) 

  • Step 1: Activate and maintain  Smart Order for 3 months. (Login to iShopPurium.com and click the "Smart Order" tab). 
  • Step 2: For 3 consecutive months, order a product from the list below. 
  • Step 3: Get the product FREE* in your 4th month. 

*Through Rewards points. In your 4th month, earn enough Rewards points to apply towards purchase of your 3 & Free product in your 4th month. 

Eligible Products 

  • Biome Medic 
  • Epi-Genius Kids 
  • Epi-Genius Dogs 
  • CBD+ 
  • Heart Aid (February 2020)
  • Super Xanthin (March 2020)
  •  Revive-It-All (April 2020)
  • Renew - Hair, Skin & Nails (May 2020)
  • Joint Flex (June 2020)
  • Bee Energetic (July 2020)

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