Welcome Letter for New Brand Partners

New Brand Partners receive a special Welcome Letter from Amy and Dave after enrolling, in their iLearn Brand Partner folder (see more in iLearn module "Get Started" - PuriumBackOffice.com)

We encourage new Brand partners to plug into their Upline for Coaching as well as details that will help them duplicate success:

- The best place to buy product is iShopPurium.com 

- Best product for NEW Customer/Brand Partner: Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation

- Best Product for existing Customer/Brand Partner: Daily Core 4

- Best Product for Smart Order (something every Brand Partner needs for F.A.S.T. Start Bonuses and the UBT Promo): Daily Core 4

The best website for a prospect: iSharePurium.com

The best way to enroll a prospect: PuriumEnrollment.com

The best way to Onboard a New Brand Partner: iLearn (Login at PuriumBackOffice.com

More Support: (See the Welcome Letter attached - also in iLearn's "Get Started" module)

- Join the weekly Zoom Meetings! These are very engaging and provide live interaction with Purium leaders. You can even ask questions to other Brand Partners in the chat!

- Login to the iLearn Library where you can easily get up-to-date with Product Campaigns, Business Promos, Zoom Recordings and much more! 

- Plug into Facebook's Purium Tribe Group (password: pure + premium). This is where Purium Corporate, post all the latest news 

- Open and read the Purium emails - they are filled with ideas and news!

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