Product Information Resources

You and your customers have many resources to get answers to your product and ingredient questions.

Brand Partners: iLearn Module “Products A to Z”
  • Login to iLearn ( “Go to iLearn”)
  • Scroll to “Products A to Z” and click on module
  • Select from the drop-down menu “Products” or “Purium Packs”

Customers & Brand Partners: Product Pages on
  • Go to a Product page, like “Apothe-Cherry 
  •  To see the label, Click on “View Nutritional Label 
  • To find videos and links, Click on the “Videos & More”

Customers & Brand Partners: The Purium Blog
  •  Go to the “search” feature
  •  Type in the product or ingredient
  • Select from the list of blogs

Customers & Brand Partners: Purium’s Transformation Support Group on Facebook
  • Post product questions (Use #AskDave if you would like for Dave to answer questions on his FB Live) 
  • Watch Purium’s Co-founder, Dave every Thursday @ 6 pm PT and hear him answer the questions!

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