The BIG STEW Childrens Book!


Now available in the Back Office!

Remember the colorful children’s book that featured Dave that was at the LEAP Convention? Just in time for the holidays, it is now available for sale!

The Big Stew tells the tale of four vegetables brought to life, on a quest to stay organic. Sing along with our perky produce as they strive to find happiness in a world filled with chemically enhanced competition. With an overabundance of corn being produced and the honey bees at risk, this group of magical vegetables set out on a mission to outsmart a Rabid Rabbit, squash a Genetic Tomato and escape the Mean Green Grocer. Onion cries a little and Broccoli can be tough, but Carrot has great vision and Red Hot Chili Pepper does a great Salsa.

The Big Stew
Item code: 8430

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