We source our colostrum from Immuno Dynamics.  The company is known for being the leader and highest quality in colostrum products. 

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Is colostrum milk?
No. The bio-actives in colostrum are produced prior to birth and transported from the circulatory system through the mammary glands. Unlike milk which is produced almost entirely in the mammary glands, colostrum contains far less lactose and differs dramatically in protein composition .

Why do you use bovine (cow) colostrum?
Unlike some mammals that have placental transfer to the offspring prior to birth, cows do not. This is why cows produce the most potent colostrum overall.
Are you denying the newborn calf of its colostrum?
Absolutely not! Dairy farmers and Immuno-Dynamics understand the role of colostrum for calves. The calves are fed two to four liters of colostrum depending on size shortly after birth. Because the production of both milk and colostrum by cows has risen dramatically during the last 100 years, there is surplus colostrum after the needs of the calf are fulfilled.
Does the calf nurse from the mother first?
The calf always receives first milking colostrum but does not necessarily nurse directly from the mother. After a period of bonding between the mother and calf, the calf is often bottle fed. The reasons are simple; the calf receives a known quality and quantity of colostrum resulting in a healthier calf.
Mark & Darla Burton Camping at Kohout Farm on the Castle Rock Trout Stream, less than 5 miles from both their home and plant.I am concerned about animal welfare. Is Immuno-Dynamics?
Our colostrum comes from Southwest Wisconsin where we live and work. My family often camps at this spot which is directly between our home and our office/production plant. We consider this dairy owner our friend. He uses one of our veterinary products in his herd to reduce mastitis without the use of drugs. Our source herds are small, many in the 25-60 head range and family owned. Our average farm size is less than 100 cows. The vast majority of these dairies are owned and operated by 3rd ,4th 5th 6th and even some 7th or 8th generation farmers. Their cows are their livelihood and they are passionate about their health and welfare. The oldest producing cow I have experienced (Sally) was in her 16th lactation when I met her. The newborn calf's health is vital for both humane reasons and future production of the herd.

Is your colostrum frozen after collection?
Yes, and there are several reason why. Because we use the smallest producing farms in the industry, we do not source enough colostrum from individual farms to produce full production runs from an individual or just a few farms. There are several great advantages to this:

·         The production batches produced from a larger number of farms have a greater degree of diversity producing an extremely broad ranging product yet consistent product from batch to batch.
·         Each cow's colostrum is milked into individual containers, allowing the producer to make the initial determination of quality on a cow by cow basis.
·         Since each cow's colostrum arrives individually frozen, our highest in industry quality control starts at the individual cow level. This allows dedicated and trained plant personnel with laboratory equipment at their disposal to make quality determinations. Many companies collect all the colostrum from producing cows on a given day in a single collection tank. At this point there no option to evaluate for quality on an individual basis.
·         Freezing stops biological and chemical changes that occur from improperly handled colostrum.
All of this cost more to do, but it is worth it to us and our position in the industry.
Does freezing colostrum affect the biological activity and solubility of colostrum?
No. We store at laboratory temperatures utilizing dual refrigeration systems with no more than 1° C variation. In this way, colostrum quality can be maintained for many months. A product cannot be made insoluble simply by freezing it.
Do you defat the colostrum?

·         No, there are several valuable components associated with the fat in colostrum. Additionally it provides protection to the bio-actives when desired for use in the gastro-intestinal tract.
·         Because of our superior raw materials, we do not need to remove fat to elevate levels of Immunoglobulins or other bio-actives.
·         Additionally, Immuno-Dynamics was the first company to be able to keep the fat and have extended shelf life of the product due to our highest in industry raw product quality standards and processing expertise. We are still the leader in this.

Can I use the products if I am lactose intolerant?
The answer is generally yes. Not only is 1st Milking Bovine Colostrum™ naturally low in lactose compared to milk products, the product amounts consumed are far less.
Do your products contain rBGH?
No, We do not use colostrum from cows receiving rBGH otherwise known as rBST (recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone or recombinant Bovine Somatotropin).
Are your products free of harmful contaminates?
Yes, and every single serial produced since 1979 has been tested to assure this by our internal and independent labs.
Is mad cow disease (BSE) a risk?
It is scientifically proven to the highest standards that neither milk or colostrum products can transmit BSE. Additionally, all farms are monitored and do not feed animal by-products, the only known source of BSE.
What standards do your processes and facilities live up to?
All production in our plant is subject to and compliant with the cGMP (current good manufacturing practices) of both 9 and 21 CFR (code of federal regulations). Our HACCP (hazards analysis and critical control points) program is continually monitored to assure the highest degree of compliance. Our processing equipment is continually refined to further enhance our industry leading commitment to preserving the value of colostrum during processing.
Are your products certified "organic"?
No, our products are not exclusively sourced from organic certified dairies. Less than 5% of US production is National Organic Program certified (NOP), not enough production to supply the colostrum industry. If someone in the industry states that their colostrum is "organic", ask them what that means and if they have affidavits that all of the producing herds are National Organic Program (NOP) certified.

Why should I buy from Immuno-Dynamics, Inc.?
Colostrum is a truly wonderful supplement. Immuno-Dynamics, while small, is acknowledged as the 1st Milking Bovine Colostrum™ product quality leader since 1979. We understand and respect your concerns. Our colostrum is pure, potent and safe. We strive for customer service above and beyond what you expect. Our products and service provide superior value. It is a responsibility we hold dear.

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Mark Burton
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