Purium has been given a standing ovation for creating the most consumer-friendly network marketing compensation plan in the industry. After legal review, the Purium plan has been used as a model for other companies to follow. However unfortunate and unwarranted, MLM’s have sometimes been referred to as “pyramid schemes”. We are definitely not. The following are several important plan distinctions.

Two primary tests of pyramid schemes are:

  1. Paying of commissions on items that have no consumer value.
  2. Evaluating the percentage of sales derived from enrollments.

Our $50 Gift Cards have real consumer and product value and can ONLY be used for products. (a dream for regulators trying to clean up the industry!) Our percentage of sales from enrollments is miniscule, and in fact we believe Purium has the highest ratio of new customers to new brand partners in the industry. Purium gives customers the same price as brand partners so that no one is "forced" to join the business. We offer a basic enrollment pack that pays no commissions and the commissions tied to our launch packs are based on the consumer value of the gift cards. The cards are highly discounted to our brand partners!

This is the opposite of a pyramid... it is the OPPOSITE of building a business opportunity in which there is no valuable product.

Purium is DISRUPTING the industry, and eventually everyone of then will be enrolled in our comps y or a company with a compensation plan like ours.

There are companies that sell legal services, travel packages and electricity. We sell nutritional products as well as $50 gift cards that can only be used for consumer products. The concept is "standing ovation" legal according to our network marketing attorneys.