For our European colleagues:

We highly encourage Platinum Europe members to sign up for David Sandoval’s Academy of Learning. It’s an excellent format for learning more about Platinum products.

You’ll notice as you take the courses that some of the products Platinum offers are slightly different than what Purium offers. The course will teach you that this is due to the variations in rules, regulations, legislation, and laws between the US and Europe.

Unfortunately, many US-based companies doing business in Europe have been shut down because they tried to market items abroad that were not internationally regulated. However, Purium has made the necessary adjustments to Platinum so our members and products can expand internationally without incident.

The Academy offers four courses to teach our PHE members: 

Weight Control: Gain cutting edge knowledge on weight management techniques that utilize a naturopathic approach, making weight loss a healthy process that contributes to longevity.

Sports Performance: Learn how to maximize your potential while minimizing negative impact on your body, as well as achieve maximum results with minimum efforts.

Detox: Explore the multitude of pathways for detoxification and discover the power of phytochemistry and the benefits of certain plant and herbs to safely detoxify and purify your body.

Anti-Aging: Learn how to unlock nature’s secrets of youthfulness, longevity and anti-aging while discovering the hidden secrets of plants and the power of phytochemistry.

Benefits of Taking the Class Include: 

  1. Once a PHE member completes the 4 courses they will be given PHE “Professional” status and will receive a badge that says, “Academy of Learning Graduate.”
  2. Once reaching “Professional” status the member will receive the PHE Professional pricing discount. (No BV requirement is needed to keep the Professional discount, if they have a monthly auto-ship order in place.)

Be aware of the following before signing up to take the classes:

  1. The courses must stay on a US-based website and can’t be transferred to an EU-based website. The rules and regulations in the US are much more lenient regarding information. As a result, the information can’t be placed directly from the US Academy website onto a European website

  2. To support and educate others about the courses in the Academy, it’s best to encourage others to take the classes themselves. The information from the Academy is judiciously edited to be in line with EU legislation and regulations. Therefore, the information posted on US and European websites are not interchangeable. To avoid misinformation, personally take the class and learn the distinction first-hand.

  3. Please be aware that a Platinum distributor cannot formally practice as a Detox coach or a Sports Nutrition coach unless they have additional outside qualifications. We are not an institution that grants people the title of “professors.”

We appreciate your understanding and look forward to your enrolment!

For more information about David Sandoval’s Academy of Learning, click here