An Enroller may transfer a new Member or Professional to any Member or Professional in his or her downline as long as the Member being  transferred has been a Purium Member for "1 Month+", or less. 1 Month+ means that for the remainder of the current month and for the entirety of the following month, a placement change can be done. For example, whether someone enrolls on January 2nd or January 31st, their enroller has until the last day of February to place them under a new Member or Professional.

No moves can be done in the first 7 days of a calendar month. No moving of retail customers is allowed.

Placements can be done through the DREAMS Technology Back Office. Placement requests completed by the company will require a $50 administrative fee. For information about using DREAMS to do a placement change, click here.

Placement change requests outside of the 1 Month+ must be approved by the following individuals:                                                                          

                 Approval of the person being moved.              

                 Approval of the direct upline of the customer being moved.                                                                         

                 Approval of the Brand Partner receiving the placement.                                                                                  

                 Approval of the first Diamond in the organization.     

                 Approval of the first Crown in the organization.            

All approvals must be submitted via from the e-mail address on the associated members account for verification purposes. Once all of the approvals have been provided, the request will be submitted to upper management for a final approval.