The Infinity Bonus is a bonus that can be earned by Green Diamonds and above. This is a 2% commission based on BV that can potentially be paid on all orders past level 8, down to level 10, 20, or even 100. However, the Infinity Bonus will stop when it hits another Green Diamond or more highly ranked Member in your Downline. If there is a Green Diamond in your group, you will be paid the Infinity Bonus only down to their Level 9, at which point it terminates.

For Blue Diamonds and above, this works exactly the same way, except that if there is no Green Diamond down to Level 10 of the organization, then both Infinity Bonuses are earned, resulting in 4% earned until a Green Diamond is encountered, at which point it goes back to 2%. Once a Blue Diamond or higher is encountered, the 2% commission will be paid until it reaches their Level 10, at which point it terminates.