Please, always make sure that your address is complete and accurate before placing an order with Purium. The most common cause we see of an incorrect address is due to a failure to change the address on your Backup Order when you change the main address on file; keep in mind that you must change both addresses; changing one does not affect the other.

If your order is being shipped to the wrong address, there are a few steps you can take to correct the issue.

First, determine whether your package is being shipped through Federal Express or USPS. If the former, you should have received a FedEx tracking number for your order. While the order is in transit, you can contact customer care and request a change of delivery address or have the order held at a nearby FedEx location. See this article for details.

If your order is being shipped by USPS, your only option for a delivery correction is a Package Intercept, which can be done here: