A web alias is the personal word or name chosen for your personal replicated Purium website - if you do not choose to personalize your web alias, your customer ID number/referral code will serve as your web alias. Your chosen Web Alias will also serve as the Gift Card Code your prospects will use to redeem one of your $50 gift cards should you purchase any Gift Cards. Every Purium Member's referral link will be the same format: 


Additionally, the same gift card code can be used on Purium CBD. Please note your Web Alias must be 6 – 25 characters and may not contain "Purium", "Purium Health Products," any trademarked Purium product or Purium program names (such as "10-Day Transformation," etc) or the name(s) of anyone on the corporate team, or any closely related or confusing variation thereof in your Web Alias.