Purium may, at its sole discretion, terminate a Member or Professional’s account at any time upon the occurrence of any of the following events:

1. If a Member or Professional breaches any term or condition of this Agreement or performs any illegal or unethical act.

2. Any conduct by a Member or Professional, which is determined to damage the business or  reputation of Purium, its Members, its products,  or its programs.

3. If a Member or Professional solicits or  attempts to sponsor Purium customers into another network marketing, MLM, or direct sales program.

In the event of a Member or Professional termination, the following procedures will be followed:

1. If cause exists for termination, the Home Office will inform the Member or Professional by Email at the latest address listed with the Company for the Member or Professional that his/her Member or Professional status is immediately terminated. The Member or Professional will have ten days from the receipt of email to appeal the termination in writing. Unless the Member or Professional replies to the Home Office within this time period, the termination will be deemed final.

2. Upon timely appeal of the termination, the Home Office will review the matter and determine the appropriate action, and the

decision of the Home Office will be final.

3. In the event of termination, at the discretion of the Company, the Member or Professional’s Organization may be transferred to the first upline Member or Professional placed under a new sponsor in the same position within its original line of sponsorship.

4. In the event that a Member or Professional resigns or is terminated, they will not be entitled to any compensation from the Company. In cases where a termination is disputed, the Company may, at its option, hold all past, current and future monies in a reserve fund until the dispute is settled.