Becoming a Purium Member or Professional entitles you to sponsor other Members or Professionals. Sponsors are responsible for:

1. Initial Training. It is important to introduce your Members and Professionals to the Purium products, Compensation Plan, and Policies and Procedures. For example, when helping Members to enroll, Sponsors should make sure to be clear on the preparation needed for Purium's 10-Day Celebrity Transformation, the nature of the commission structure, the requirement to have personally-created advertising material approved by the Purium Compliance Dept, and the stipulation for becoming a Purium Brand Partner, etc. The most successful will periodically contact all their Members and Professionals to make sure that their sales training is effective.

2. Keeping accurate sponsorship and business records.

3. Understanding Company policies. Sponsors must stay informed of any new Company policies and review these with their Members and Professionals to make sure they understand them.