Loyal Customers who have ordered from Purium at some point in the past can become Brand Partners at any time. Loyal Customers who wish to upgrade must purchase one of our Membership Enrollment Packs, which vary in cost depending on the pack chosen. This is a one-time charge to upgrade (click here to view available enrollment packs).   



No Gift Card may be applied to a Retail Customer's upgrade. Gift Cards are only redeemable with the first order that a new Customer or Member places. As Retail Customers who wish to upgrade to a Membership must necessarily have ordered at least once in the past, regardless of whether a Gift Card has been applied to their first order, no additional Gift Cards may be applied. However, the fee for upgrading is only $25, so it is as though a gift card were being applied to the normal $75 fee.

To upgrade to a Membership with Purium, please contact Purium customer care or login your ishop account.