My Purium Gift is the website that you can send prospective customers and members to where they can place their first order utilizing one of your $50 gift cards. The process for enrolling a customer using the site is fairly simple, but below we will go through the process of doing an enrollment and point out some of the most important buttons and tabs to note when enrolling a new member or customer.

1. Once your customer is on the site, they will be prompted to input a few pieces of information: their first and last names, email, postal code, and the Gift Card code you have provided to them. Once this information has been input, they will need to click "Continue".

2. After your customers have clicked "Continue", they will be prompted to either "Buy" or "Join". Buying will result in the customer purchasing products at the full retail price without a discount. The $50 will be put toward the price of the products. Joining will result in the purchase of a membership. The gift card will be put toward the price of membership. This guide is for joining as a member.

3. Next, your prospective members will be able to choose between enrollment packs. These all include the membership kit that comes with the first order of new members, but most of the packs include additional products and gift cards, on top of the membership kit.

4. Your customer may add an item that can be customized. Make sure that customers who wish to choose the shakes that will be included in their Transformations are aware that they can do so at this step.

5. If your customer wants to include products not already in an enrollment pack, they can do so by purchasing additional products on the following page.

6. Members have the opportunity to sign up for a PLC (Purium Lifestyle Club) membership. This involves adding a monthly recurring order to your account. As a result, they will receive a 30% discount and reduced flat-rate shipping costs. For more information about the Backup Order, click

7. On the next page, customers will be prompted to add their credit card information.

8. Finally, new members will be able to review their orders and setup Username, Password, and Gift Card code information. Members can also enroll in the DREAMS Technology Platform on this page.

9. After filling out that information, new members will need to hit the "Complete Enrollment and Place Order" button at the bottom of the page. A confirmation will appear on the next page with their order number and customer ID number. They will also receive a confirmation email, if they opted in to emails.