What is Super Xanthin? 

Super Xanthin is a wellness supplement that contains super potent antioxidants. It can be added to a joint-care, workout or skin-care routine for daily support.

What’s In it? 

Astaxanthin (as AstaREAL® Extract): Astaxanthin is a carotenoid pigment and antioxidant that is similar to beta-carotene. It can be found in shrimp, salmon and other sea creatures with pinkish color. Cultivated from a seed culture in a sterile environment, the growing process begins with essential nutrients and light for optimal growth. Once the culture is dense and in the “green phase,” it is transferred to a stainless steel photobioreactor so the “red phase” can begin, aka production of astaxanthin. The algae then fully matures and is harvested, crushed, dried and put into capsules for consumption.

Cardiovascular and brain studies have linked its properties to lower oxidative stress and inflammation and improved blood flow in capillaries, lipid profiles and mental acuity. Inflammation research furthers claims that astaxanthin supports post-workout and joint soreness by promoting reduced lactic acid build-up, which inhibits athletic achievements and helps the body recover more efficiently. Additionally, astaxanthin helps keep eyes and skin safe from UVA and UVB damage by quenching singlet and triplet oxygen.

Organic Spirulina: These plant-like cyanobacteria are also referred to as blue-green algae. It is filled with nutrients and antioxidants, aiding the body’s healthy response to inflammation. Research shows that spirulina can also support healthy blood lipid levels. Plus, it can help support blood pressure, muscle strength, endurance, muscle fatigue and exercise-induced oxidative damage. Like plants, spirulina can facilitate photosynthesis, producing energy out of sunlight. One of the main components of spirulina is phycocyanin, which gives spirulina its blue-green color. This antioxidant can help support against free radicals (unstable atoms in the body that can damage cells) and support the body’s response to inflammation.

Other Ingredients

Cellulose Capsule

Suggested Use 

Take 2 capsules* per day with a meal. For optimal results and recovery when exercising, take 1 capsule pre- and post-workout.

*8 mg of astaxanthin (powder forms have much less active astaxanthin per serving)

Why Do We Make It?

Whether it’s because of injury, intense physical exertion or natural aging, millions of people deal with joint and muscle soreness. Many try to relieve their pain by taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). NSAIDs may offer relief but can lead to gastrointestinal bleeding, increased risk of heart attack and stroke, addiction and organ and cardiovascular disorders. Super Xanthin offers a safe and natural alternative without dire side effects.

Some workout recovery supplements utilize dangerous ingredients to promote recovery, including excessive amounts of vitamins, ginseng and guarana. However, Super Xanthin’s formula can effectively help reduce post-workout soreness with a limited amount of ingredients.

In addition, many people use sun sprays, lotions and powders to protect from the sun’s UVA and UB rays. The Environmental Working Group warns against the use of specific sun lotions because the chemical toxicity can damage your skin. Yet Super Xanthin offers protection from these rays without the toxicity.

Dave Sandoval’s Product Pairing Suggestions 

Dave suggests pairing Super Xanthin with:

  • Super Amino 23: helps repair muscle for quicker fitness recovery

  • Biome Medic: aids with healthy inflammatory response via the gut

  • Apothe-Cherry: helps reduce the buildup of uric acid that can lead to inflammation

Allergens ***

This product is gluten-free and vegan.


Super Xanthin is Non-GMO Project verified.

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