Generally, orders go through three stages once they have been placed. In our system those stages are called "Accepted," "Printed,", and "Shipped."



Accepted means that we have received payment for an order and are in the process of sending it, along with a batch of other orders, to our shipper. This stage is the only one during which a cancellation of your order may be processed.  Purium offers no guarantee of cancellation or alteration to your order once you have made a payment.



Printed means that the order has gone to the shipping department and cannot be cancelled or modified at this point. The only piece of information that can be edited at this point is the shipping address.



Shipped means that the order has left our facility and is on its way to you. At this point, your only recourse for making changes to the order is by going through either Federal Express or USPS, depending on how it shipped. For information about how to make changes at that stage, click here for FedEx and here for USPS.

If you do not get to your order in time and it ships before you have a chance to make critical changes, you can always return the products to us as long as the return is done within 60 days of their purchase. Click here for details.