Purium's Spanish Voice on Demand service is designed to make it easier for Purium members to engage their Spanish-speaking downlines. This will make it easier for Spanish speakers to seek assistance. Anyone can access pre-recordings at this number: (559) 670-1788.

Here are the details for each pre-recording and the corresponding number:

Box #1: Business Overview - Oportunidad de Negocio

Box #2: Product Success StoriesTestimonios de producto

Box #3: Business Success Stories - Testimonios de negocio

Box #4: How to redeem a Gift CardComo canjear su tarjeta de regalo

Box #5: How to prepare for your Transformation - Como preparase para su transformación

Box #6: How to log into your Back Office - Como usar su oficina virtual

Box #7: How to become a PLC Member - Como hacerse miembro

Box #8: How to get started – GAME Plan - Como empezar su negocio con nuestro plan de inicio

Box #9: How to host a HHHComo organizar la hora de salud feliz