You do not have to stick to mixing the Power Shake with just water! Below you will find some Transformation-approved suggestions for customizing your Power Shake or other Purium shake (such as the Super Meal L.O.V.).

1. Mix with chilled, unsweetened almond, hemp, oat, or coconut milk.
2. Mix with coconut water.
3. Mix with cold water and ice and add cinnamon.
4. Mix with one of the non-dairy milks listed above or coconut water and add cinnamon.
5. Mix the non-dairy milk and/or coconut water and cinnamon PLUS ginger and nutmeg.
6. Mix with non-dairy milk and spices and add a cup of organic, frozen berries and use blender to combine.
7. Mix with water or coconut water, add a little bit of fresh squeezed lemon juice and ice.
8. Freeze 1 – 2 cups of watermelon and use blender to combine with Power Shake until smooth.
9. Mix with water, coconut water, or non-dairy milk and add a few drops of both lemon and orange natural extracts.
10. Mix with one of the aforementioned beverages and add a few drops of almond, cherry, and/or vanilla extracts.