MVP Kids Chocolate Protein has undergone a formula and label claim change. After careful review on incoming raw materials, we determined that our whole food derived vitamin and mineral mix did not consistently align with our standards. After expressing concerns and working with the supplier we were not able to satisfy those concerns on incoming batches of raw material which resulted in a material shortage.

As Purium stands for whole food vitamins and truth in labeling, we felt it was best to remove the pre-blended material and add back individual items that have proven to be consistent in their supply and nutrient content.

When dealing with Whole Foods and herbs, specific nutrient claims are very difficult to maintain based on seasonality and growing conditions. We refuse to fortify to meet a label claim, so in an effort to maintain the integrity of our brand promise, we chose to revise the formula and label claim.

MVP Kids is being re-worked again to add back the majority of organic whole food sources that were in the vitamin premix, however we will no longer make specific nutrient claims on the label. After materials and suppliers are vetted and approved through the organic program and our cGMP standards a subsequent revision will be released.